LANEX Yachting Lines- Meets more than Boating Needs

LANEX ropes excel in many markets beyond yachting. Mountain Climbing, Theater and Industry need reliable ropes.  LANEX provides rope to these markets in addition to the marine industry. This Enables them to compete successfully in many international markets.  Extending to 50 countries worldwide.  LANEX is technologically sophisticated and functions well in high quality products in the field of technical textiles.

These technologies are applied to many product lines. In addition to the yachting ropes, The LANEX line of products includes:

Ropes for Flexible Bulk Containers - for transportation, handling and storage of bulk or liquid products

Marine and Industrial Ropes - for marine mooring and towing, fishing industry, building industry, electric fencing, and many other market applications

Climbing Ropes - for climbing and mountaineering expeditions, during descent, and arresting falls

Ropes for Personal Protective Equipment - safety harnesses and static ropes for fire brigades, military and special rescue teams, cave exploration

Paper Carrier Ropes - one of the three world leading manufacturers of specialty ropes with resistance to deleterious chemical environment in paper machines

Ropes for Lifting Slings and Lashings - effective substitute for steel ropes and chains due to low weight, high strength and minimal elongation

Ropes for Sporting & Industrial Nets  - these high tenacity Polypropylene Technical Fibers are a basic material in the rope making industry, used in webbings, sewing threads, industrial and sport nets

LANEX climbing rope, TENDON, is known globally as a top climbing rope line, known for their successful static and dynamic ropes that secure climbers in climbing and mountaineering expeditions, during descent and in arresting falls. The fact that Tendon climbing ropes are used successfully in many forms of free and sport climbing, canyoning, training on artificial walls, alpinistic hiking, and expedition climbing make LANEX one of the world's leading manufacturers of climbing ropes. 

LANEX Fast Ropes, used in numerous military applications, is a specialty for rapid deployment from helicopters, being sold to armies of many countries. All products are in accordance with standards required for supplying armies of NATO.