Seasonal Inspection of Rigging & Line










Furling assembly – inspect for corrosion, cracks, and/or loosening.

Inspect your small, mid-range, or big boat blocks for cracks and corrosion.

Blocks should also be checked to make sure they spin freely.

Clean and lube all your snatch blocks, clutches, and shackles.

Clean your lines if they were not cleaned for the Winter layup. Do so to get rid of the salt and grime in the cover and the core of the line. Place in a washing machine on gentle cycle using a mild soap. Dry in fresh air.

Inspect length of lines for wear, tear, and chafing. Lines to inspect include sheets, halyards, control lines, furling line, reefing lines, dock lines, and mooring lines.

Inspect integrity of all splices

If cover or core of lines are damaged, be sure to replace before the sailing season.

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