Things To Consider When Replacing Line

To start with ask yourself why you are replacing the line:

  • The line isn’t clean. To clean place in a washing machine on gentle cycle using a mild detergent and then air dry. If you don’t like the looks of the line replace the line.
  • The line is no longer holding in the clutch, winch, or cleat like it used to. Before you proceed make sure it’s not the holding device. Test the device by inserting the newest piece of line available in the correct diameter and give it a tug on the reverse side.  
  • If wear, tear, and or chafing has taken its toll on your line, which could be the reason of slippage, proceed to replacement.

Information to have before going shopping:

  • If you like color coded lines for recognition select those colors.
  • Do you want a splice in your new line?
  • What type of shackles do you need to be spliced into the line?  
  • Would you like the end of the line whipped or do you prefer a flemish reeve?
  • Know the strength needed for the line you are shopping for.  
  • In regard to the diameter the line might be stretched out and not the same diameter it used to be. It might be the reason it doesn’t hold in the clutch like it did when it was new. Go with the diameter it was when new.
  • Take the length of your line and add 4 to 5 feet if adding a splice. If adding a flemish reeve add 5 feet.  

Now Go Shopping

Tools available for you:

Rope Finding Tool

Technical data such as recommended diameters for sheets and halyards