Who We Are and Why We Are Here

It all started when I came to the US in 1968 after being able to escape the oppressive communist regime in my native country. It was great to be finally free and do whatever I could and whatever I wanted to do.


I was immediately attracted to the sea and sailing. To me it was the ultimate expression of being free and freedom. I didn’t know much about boats, but was willing to learn. Although my first boat was total disaster, it gave me the opportunity to be on the ocean. I knew had to get a better boat to be able sail to faraway places. I worked hard and saved money to get a better boat. Then I started to learn navigation and seamanship; it was challenging, but I did it.


I loved the feeling of being on the water and dependent on my own minimal skills. Finally with hard work and sacrificing other things, I was able to turn my dream into reality. The call of the Blue Horizon and distant places was so strong that I did not give up. I was thankful to be in the US where it is possible to realize your dream if you were willing to work for it.


Being based on East Coast it was easy to make the decision to head south for the winter, which I did. After that I was hooked on cruising and my dream of visiting faraway places. I was making my dream happen. I learned to take care of my boat, the art of navigation, and other important things on how to survive and enjoy a cruising life. I was able to acquire the proper boat get me to the places I always dreamed about. And I went to those places, relying on myself, my skills, and my boat. I learned that proper preparation, care and maintenance of my boat and equipment were essential to successful, enjoyable sailing. 


Did I enjoy the times on the ocean? Yes! Was it worth the effort? Yes!
But nothing lasts forever. So back to reality we must return. But all habits and loves don't die.


I then got involved in local racing on Narragansett Bay, got hooked on the classic boat scene and restored an Alden Triangle which was very successful on the classic yacht circuit. I got involved with the Museum of Yachting and restored more boats. I watched people working on their boats, spending crazy money in order to have the joy of sailing. But as I am now older, I wanted to do something else and see how could I help fellow sailors enjoy what I enjoyed without going broke.


After the fall of Communism I was able to return to my country and visit the factory which was producing awesome yachting line that I had encountered on many boats during my travels. I was very impressed and brought some lines for my boat back to US. Did they work? Yes they did, and my sailing friends wanted to know where they could get them. So back to Europe I went to do more research and tests.


I then approached Lanex Company about getting Exclusive Distribution of these lines for US, which Lanex did grant to SYC. But now instead of having fun and just play with our boats, now we are working very hard to bring Lanex lines to sailors across US. The response has been incredible. Sailors appreciate great quality and reasonable price without sacrificing performance.


To us it is worth the hard work. It is satisfying to see sailing teams from colleges and youth sailing centers using our lines. We are also sponsoring offshore events like Bermuda One-Two and providing local racers in PHRF and club racing fleets with our lines. It is very rewarding to share our knowledge and experiences with other sailors. We want for all the sailors to have fun and still have enough left for beer money.


So that is my story. It is our pleasure to be here to serve your needs.

Jan P Trousilek (JP)