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Old Timer


Old Timer is made of up-to-date synthetic material, the appearance of which resembles natural material, and is especially suitable for traditional boats. Thanks to the material used, Old Timer provides better strength and utility properties compared to lines made of natural materials.

Its appropriateness for traditional yachts is well described by Captain Josef Dvorsky, Ship La Grace, 2nd place Tall ship race 2015:  “La Grace is not only a museum and film ship with the only aim of looking good – it must do the distance between three continents every year, therefore our demands upon the strength and durability of ropes are very great. Old Timer is exactly the right choice for our replica of the period ship. Nobody wants to believe us that it is not a natural rope.”


CONSTRUCTION: 3-strand twisted line

MATERIAL:             Polypropylene staple

STRENGTH:           5,000 lbs           

WEIGHT:                 7.0 lbs/100ft